Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Springtime Morning’s Blossoms

I always enjoy participating in Springtime Tallahassee, and this year, the 40th annual, was no exception. My friend Patty went with me and did very well! It was her first Springtime, so I was really excited for her. This trip was made all the more enjoyable due to some added play time around the show. I was there Wednesday and Thursday for legislative meetings and after my Thursday afternoon meetings finished up, I met a friend for my favorite Barnaby’s pizza and beer, and then met up with another group of friends a little later. With twin 4 ½ year olds, it’s very rare Mama gets a night out with friends! I still made it back to the hotel before my coach turned into a pumpkin though!

On Friday, I had an early lunch with another friend (yes, I have a lot of friends in Tallahassee!) and then spent the afternoon poking around Havana, which is a cute little town just north of Tallahassee with great little antique shops and a couple nice art and fine craft galleries. I took my camera with me and played around with a few shots. Starting to get back into photography a little more. I was really happy with these two. I may even list them in my Etsy store! Let me know what you think. Morning glories, I believe? Click here to sign up for free weekly email reminders. Click here for the Happy Shack Designs website.

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