Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aimee Wheaton's Little Whimsies

Here's another great Etsy find for you. In my ever growing desire to create with paper and paint, I stumbled across another mixed media artist I really like. Aimee Wheaton has done the cutest little series of “Little Whimsies”, little 5 x 5” pieces of fun little art. Yes, I realize I used the word “little” four times in that sentence. Whoops! There it is again. Little! Anywho, these are too cute. Aimee’s background is in graphic design and fine art. She has a two year degree in commercial art from Florida Metropolitan University and a BA in Fine Art with a minor in Graphic Design from SUNY Plattsburgh. She’s worked in commercial design, newsletter publishing and created her own business doing graphic design. Now she says, “I worked in the graphic design field for 14 years, but I've discovered I'm more creative artist than business artist. So, I'm a graphic designer in a past life that is getting to be a little girl and paint again. I've rediscovered my love for painting and I'm not looking back!” She still has a few of the Little Whimsies originals left and has now also started selling prints of the originals. Very fun, very affordable! Visit her website here. Through her website you can visit her Etsy store, her CafĂ© Press shop, her blog and more.

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creativeFlutter said...

OH WOW! Thank you Kelli!!!! What a nice write up, I'd be interested in me if I read this! LOL

Carmen said...

Love her work! Thanks for sharing!!!



Carmen said...

Forgot to add, I was in Wellington last night and thought of you.