Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fat Books and Skinny Time

Getting started on my first Fat Book Swap entry! Our overall theme for the 10 entries is women, but we have sub-themes for each of the entries. The first two are “bombshells” and “classic writers” (my contribution, go figure!), both due June 17. I’m creating each of the 10 4” x 4” pieces centered around a faux postage stamp, and this is the stamp I created for the first one. The bombshell I chose, in case you don’t recognize her in this dramatic “Kiss me, you fool!” pose, is Lana Turner. Cool picture, huh!?! I’m guessing it’s a piece of a movie poster, but not sure which movie. Notice my post amount? $8.00? Well, guess how many times Lana was married! Eight! Twice to the same man! The longest marriage was four years, the shortest, less than one year. Busy woman! We have to include a quote in each piece as well, so the quote I selected also goes along with her eight husbands. I’ll save that for you until I show you the completed piece. Hope to get it done on my day off Friday!

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks around here. I’ve been working on ways to find more time, so we’ll see if any of them pan out in the coming weeks. It’s all about finding balance, which I’ve yet to find with all the things on my plate. I know some of it is self-imposed, but a girl’s gotta find time to do the things she loves to do along with the things she must do, doesn’t she? The “love to do’s” are the self-imposed pieces; the “must do’s” put Cheerios in the pantry. Now if I could just find a way for the “love to do’s” to put Cheerios in the pantry, I could probably also solve all the world’s problems. You think? The girls and I sat on the back porch swing for a while after dinner tonight, just soaking up the evening sunshine and enjoying the breeze while taking calls from our adoring fans on Livvie’s Little Mermaid phone. That doesn’t put Cheerios in the pantry, but it sure is good for the soul.

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Wyanne said...

Love the postage stamp and the Lana Turner idea. I can't wait to see how it comes out! Thanks for posting about me and Logan a couple of days ago. That was really nice of you...but you're always really nice. Guess that's why I like you so much. Have a great day. Love, Wyanne