Saturday, June 21, 2008

How'd You Spend Your Father's Day?

*It's a week of Boca Ghost Posts (say that fast ten times...)! Scroll down to the June 20 post for Free Bling Friday.

Since I’ve been enjoying two weeks of vacation and will be completely away from the computer for the next eight days starting today (Yippee, I’m actually already on the road as you read this!), I’ve worked up a series of “family celebration” ghost posts for while I’m gone, including a couple family oriented Etsy finds. Look for them to pop up today through June 28. In the meantime, I’ll be basking on the beach in Boca Grande sipping a pina colada...yeah right, more like watching the girls swim in the pool while drinking a sweet tea :-).

So for today, I thought I share a couple pictures from last weekend with you. I came home a day early from my show last weekend to spend Father’s Day with DH and the girls. We were out swimming in the river by 8:30am (gotta take advantage of those wonderful high, slack tides), and then we took turns on the kayak while Isabelle watched our every move; she’s very protective of the girls. I really need to work on my form as DH can glide through the water much quicker than I can, though my biceps and triceps are rather wimpy compared to his! And now that the girls are nearly five, we really need to get another kayak so we can all go out together. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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