Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy C-Section Day!

One of my staff members gave me an interesting perspective this afternoon as she walked out the door. She yelled, “Oh! By the way! Happy C-Section Day!” I’ve never quite looked at my girls’ birthday like that, but I guess that’s what it is! Yep, five years ago today, my girls were born. I’ve had that gushing emotional mama syndrome for most of the weekend. We had a birthday party here at the Shack Saturday and all was well because….drum roll please…..James came! For a good three weeks proceeding their birthday, all Sarah kept saying was, “Mama, I really want James to come to my party because he is my boyfriend.” They are FIVE YEARS OLD, and they are already talking about BOYFRIENDS! Geez, oh Pete! Now you see, Livvie likes James by proxy, simply because Sarah likes him and she’s happy to share. James, of course, is experiencing every man’s dream at only five years old….twins with the hots for him!

Last week as we started getting some RSVP’s, with every message heard Sarah asked, “Mama, did we get a message from James?” and even late in the week I kept having to tell her, unfortunately, no. But, praise God, James’ mom called late Friday afternoon and saved the day; James was coming! We turned the backyard into a water park, adding a big 13’ inflatable water slide and good old fashioned slip and slide to our alien pod pool. Let me just say James was the king of the slip and slide.... My girls are five years old.... I can see right now I’m not going to do very well on the first day of kindergarten.

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Anonymous said...

You have only BEGUN to experience the drama that comes from Girls! :))


KC said...

Happy birthday to the girls. and LOL Happy C-section day to you.

Petula Wright said...

Oh that oh so very cute. Believe me it's not gonna get any easier to hear the "b" word! LOL. My oldest daughter is 17 and I still cringe. :-) I am glad James made it to the party and that they had a happy C-section day!