Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ode to Old Liza Sue

I must be just a tad punch drunk tired today because as I was going through my Boca pictures and came across this one of my old dear departed Liza Sue, this silly poem popped in my head.....

~Ode to Old Liza Sue~

She was a grand old gal, my sweet Liza Sue,

Served me on many trips, guess her time was just due.

With clouds on the horizon, a big storm was a risin’,

I knew I might lose her, but what was I to do?...

“Better get ‘er in!” said that guy on the shore,

But my hands were full, with camera and more.

So I said a short prayer, threw my hands in the air,

And said to DH as I burst through the door…

“We’ll need a new tent! Yes sir, we will”,

That one on the beach just took a BIG spill!

It dragged through the sand, like some dead drunk old man,

And layed all splayed out like some old dead road kill….

My sweet Liza Sue, we’re surely miss you…..

I know my friend Patty will appreciate this as she's already lost three tents to storms. I had already replaced Liza Sue with a new tent in April, but she has now officially traveled to tent heaven. Let's all say a little prayer now.... More Boca pictures to come!


*pab said...

okay - i'm laughing out loud. i'm glad i'm not the only one who hears rhyming verse when punch drunk tired.

Charming Sam said...

Oh, my! So many tents - to much wind - so much angst getting them to work the way we want.