Monday, August 25, 2008

Behind the Camera: Very Soggy, but Still Here!

Yeah, Fay has finally moved on! Fingers crossed for those of you still in her path. Though, heck, she could have died out by now; I haven’t seen the news or weather channel since late Thursday when we lost power. Power came back on midday Friday, but we still don’t have cable or internet at home. A little secret to learn about those HD TV’s: if you lose cable, you can’t even get local stations as those HD TV’s don’t have antennas. Being the weather geek I am, that was torture for me. Here we are with a tropical storm and I can’t watch radar! I live for radar! Anywho, we had quite the little water adventure but luckily came out fairly unscathed. Very soggy, but unscathed. There were a few moments when we thought we were going to lose the boat and the floating dock, but luckily, the tide turned around just in time. You can see my pictures from the storm, with comments, in my Flickr account here.

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cath c said...

woo-hoo! we were getting concerned over at creative construction! congratulations for making it through the storm, kelly.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Almost made it over the fence. Glad you guys had so little damage.


ELLIE said...

OMG - I thought we had it bad in Orlando - but you definitely out did us with water - our backyard became a pool for the dogs...made it interesting for them finding a place to go to the bathroom - lol but NO WATER made it to our doors or inside (Thank God) your pictures were amazing!!! So glad nothing major happened for you all...just lots of clean up - that is going to be a huge mess...ugh!!!
Thanks for sharing it all - take care - Ellie

e.beck.artist said...

we are on our third day of fay rain ... but nothing like what you got .... e