Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fat Book Entry #7: Snarky Moms

Here’s my latest entry for my mammoth Fat Book swap. I have to admit I really struggled with this one, though as we all know, procrastination is my strong suit. :-) The topic for this entry was supposed to be “Snarky Moms”. I just don’t like the word “snarky”. Never have. Here’s Google Answer’s take on the word. So anywho, since I don’t like the word to begin with, I was really struggling with how to turn it into a piece of art. I’m not a big fan of using vintage art in my mixed media work, but when I saw this old ad, I could just hear three catty, or “snarky”, women sitting around the table talking about someone. So there you have it: not only Snarky Moms, but PTA Snarky Moms. Okay, I admit, yes, I just joined the PTA at my girls' school. And I think I should wear a slinky purple dress to the first meeting I know, just to get ‘em talking! What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I commend you for joining the PTA. As a past president of that organization, I think that the slinky purple dress would be perfect! Don't forget to take and then post a picture along with the girlies' and DH's reaction to that one!

Just kidding of course - good "snarky Moms" piece.


cath c said...

hee-hee, i'm an anti-pta mom, myself. for exactly what you depicted here, and for those moms who overly take over and annoy the bejeez outa me. but i'm happy that you joined! i'm a little lucy van pelt about it all, 'love humanity, it's people i can't stand.' ;)

Regina said...

I hope we meet in real life some day because I hope some of your imagination will rub off on me. Tee Hee!
LOVE what you did with the topic.
Did you ever see Julia Robert's movie, "Something to Talk About"?
There's a catty scene that reminds me of this piece you created.

aimee said...

ha, i love the word snarky and it's exactly what comes to mind when i hear about PTA politics! i'm sure you'll counteract some of the 'snarkiness' you'll no doubt encounter. excellent job with this piece!