Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yeah for Thornebrook!

All my late nights last week paid off; the Thornebrook Arts Festival was a great success! I’ve been sticking to shows produced by non-profits this year, and thanks to great shows like this one, I will continue to do so. Thornebrook was run by the Gainesville Fine Arts Association. Though load-in and -out was a little tricky since the booths were situated in the interior of a quaint little shopping village (meaning no way to just drive the magic bus up to the spot to unload…and I forgot my dolly), I think that set up is really what helped to make the show successful. There’s full participation by all the merchants, and the GFAA did a fabulous job advertising the show as well as jurying in really great art. Amazingly enough, I managed to come home without purchasing anything for myself, the girls or DH, even though my sales were very strong. However! I did take a few cards for one special order that I’d love to do (a very cool mosaic guitar), and I snapped this picture with the hopes of convincing DH that it truly belongs in our own little happy shack. Doesn’t it just scream “Happy Shack!”? It’s 2 ½ feet tall by 5 feet wide and would be perfect for our big blank wall above our kitchen. The artist is Mike Segal, and he was also the poster artist for the show. And he was conveniently located just across from my booth, so I think that helped my traffic. I told Mike I’d do my best to convince DH that we needed it, and he’d said he’d be happy to work a deal for us! You can see more of Mike’s work, and purchase a print or two, on his website here. My next show is the Halifax Arts Festival in Daytona Beach November 1-2. I’ll do my best to get busy creating new pieces for that show now, instead of staying up till all hours of the night the week before. :-) We're heading to DC for my sister's wedding this weekend but I'm working on getting the website updated very soon!


Regina said...

congrats, Kelly!
It would be fun to see pics of your booth.
Hope you get the Happy Shack art!

ELLIE said...

well I vote that you all really need that painting - it so screams happy shack - how very cool!!!
so I agree with regina above - show us pics of your booth and stuff - glad the show was such a success - that sure makes up for late nights and any anxiety.
take care--Ellie

2 If By Sea said...

Kelly - You've been tagged!