Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Someday Was Today

Note: This post was partly prompted by Miranda's post over on Creative Construction. Yes, Miranda, someday WAS today. But first let me back up a moment to give you a little perspective why today became so important.

Saturday morning as I was driving around the block three times near Garnet and Gold in Tallahassee trying to find a place to park so I could pick up a new t-shirt for the FSU Homecoming game that night, I got a call from my best friend Becky. Becky and I have been friends since 9th grade English with Mr. McDonald. We sat behind Wally Rakestraw and both had a crush him (on which Becky’s brother Robert commented at Becky’s wedding rehearsal: “Wally Rakestraw!!?? Damn you girls for always going for the jocks!”). Becky and I went through high school and college together, became sorority sisters in college, and are still best friends 20 years out of college. When she called that morning and asked what I was doing, she said, “Well maybe I shouldn’t tell you this while you are driving.” With a comment like that, now you know I really had to know, so she told me.

At 9pm the night before, one of our sorority sisters in Tampa had a knock on her front door. It was a State Trooper. Her daughter, her 17-year-old daughter on her first trip away from home without her parents, had just been killed in a car accident. She was on her way to Tallahassee with three friends for the very same game that prompted my t-shirt search; the other three girls survived the crash but were in ICU. I pulled into a random parking lot and just stopped. What do you do in that moment? What can you possibly say? No words seem to fit. All I wanted to do was hang up the phone and call my own children at home, just to hear their voices. I cannot imagine the devastation our friend’s family must be feeling. My heart and prayers go out to them.

Which brings me back to the importance of today…. That moment crystallized for me that someday truly is today, and that you never know what that someday, this today, that tomorrow is going to bring you. And for that reason, I realized that every moment, big or small, must be cherished. Today was one of those moments. It was the day that all the kindergarten parents were invited to come to school and have a Thanksgiving lunch with their children. Before Saturday morning, I hadn’t really thought about going. Work is very hectic right now, and I have to travel to Orlando tomorrow and Friday for a meeting. But I went. And as I walked down the hall to the cafeteria, Olivia spotted me and yelled “Hey, there’s my Mama!” to all her friends. When I got in there, I saw that Sarah was still in line and hadn’t spotted me yet, so I told Liv to save us a seat and got in line. I saw Sarah walk out of the serving area with her little tray in her little hands, looking so smart and so grown up, and my eyes filled up with tears. When she saw me, she almost dropped her tray and yelled, “Hey, Mama!” So we sat down. And we ate. We ate terrible elementary school cafeteria turkey and dressing, box mashed potatoes and pre-packaged fruit cocktail. But it was one of those little moments to cherish. It was the day that someday did become today. It was the start of a lot of somedays that will become todays. When will your somedays become today? Do it now.


Regina said...

My breath caught as I read this. Dear friends lost their son in a tragic accident 5 years ago this weekend as he traveled with friends to an out of state event. He, too, was 17.
These things never make sense. We can only pray for our friends and trust God to strengthen and sustain us all. And to do as you did today - make the most of each day - not letting the "gotta do" distract us from the most precious gifts in our lives.
Thank you for reminding me of that lesson. (((Hugs)))

Karen Faulkner said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your friend's daughter. It's true and certainly a lesson that hit me hard this year that someday IS today. I can't say I've perfected living this out yet, but I do try every morning to consciously decide how and with whom I want to spend my time that day. Thanks for the important reminder for us all.

cath c said...

brava, kelly, so sorry about your friend's daughter.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh Gosh... My heart goes out to your Sorority Sister and her family.... what a tragedy...

Each day with our kids is a blessing, isn't it?

And speaking of those school Thanksgiving I helped in my son's class make the pies... each class is in charge of a portion of the meal... we actually make the food!!! My daughter's class will peel potatoes in the am for the mashed potatoes..our Feast is tomorrow.

Peace be with all the girls from your sorority... your sister will indeed need her girls.

Laura said...

It's always deflating to hear about a mom losing her child. My heart goes out to your friend. I saw a plaque in one of those gaudy holiday magazine/brochure gift giving things today and it stopped me in my tracks. It read: "Enjoy the Little things in life for one day you'll look back and realize they`were the big things."

Immediately I got down on the floor with my 2 year old, and we played three little pigs, his current favorite, with his blocks and 3 vinyl pigs. I tried talking him into going to the park, or outside with me to play. He said, "nope. wanna stay and play with mommy."

How sweet it is. Even if "it" is cafeteria food at the elementary school. To them, it was a banguet fit for two princesses. Because you were there. And you'll remember it for life.

wyanne said...

I'm really sorry for your friend's loss. But, thank you for helping us all to live in the moment.


ELLIE said...

omg - such devastating news - that is beyond just simple words to express!
tears falling down my cheeks - so glad that you were able to catch that school meal with your girls - you are right - that moment is now!
take care of you-Ellie

e.beck.artist said...

wise and lovely post, dear kelly

Kelly said...

I came across this note again on the Studio Mother's blog and wanted to include it here for my memory:

i just got a note i wanted to share with you all. i was copied on an email one of my former students and now close friends sent out to a large group of her family and friends. she reads my blog regularly and this was in response to my “someday WAS today” post. she’s 22. good example that you never know what effect your writing is going to have on someone else. i had tears in my eyes when i read this:

Hey Friends….

Today when I got back from lunch I did my daily read of the Happy Shack Design Blog; written by my dear mentor and friend Kelly Warren. I recommend the blog to all of you and her jewelry! Kelly has such a great way of putting ideas, thoughts, lessons, and memories in words. Her blogs are ALWAYS from the heart…! I have included below the blog I read this afternoon. I think each of you should read it…even though I don’t have children the message of this blog spoke to me in many ways…! Please take the time to read this blog…we are all busy at work or at home trying to get ready for the holiday season that is upon us…but I promise you it is worth the read.

We all waste so much time on things like being bitter at our friends and family for what we consider “stupid” decisions. We get so caught up in our jobs and we bring our stresses home with us. We let unimportant people and unimportant things become the priority in our daily schedule! I myself am guilty of holding a grudge at a particular person in my family because I do not like some of the decisions he has made.

I have realized over the past few months…life is too short to have to “try” to be happy. I had to share this with the people who mean something to me…I am sure you all will see why this blog meant so much to me! I hope you all know how much I appreciate having you in my life…and that I am so GRATEFUL you share this life with me! =-)

Kelly- Thank you for writing and reminding us to live our lives….you are such a WONDERFUL person, I am so glad I have you in my life!