Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Evening Shopping Spree--Karen Grenfell

Now here’s a girl after my own heart! Just as I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing (or creative medium) at a time, it appears that neither can Karen Grenfell, the artist behind MimiLove Forever. Karen paints beautiful water color paintings and then embellishes them with embroidery, incorporating text and designs to enhance, further illustrate and even add a little comic touch to her watercolors. The end result is truly unique! I’ve never seen anything like this before! Living in the UK, Karen also seems to be having a great time with her art. Her paintings have been signed by celebrities from World Cup winners to Hollywood superstars and even include a sale at Sotheby’s world-renowned auction house. Karen is also a fellow member of Etsy for Animals. Yeah Karen! Visit Karen’s Etsy store here, her website here, and her blog here.


mvegan said...

Wow! Great article, I love mimilove's artwork, and how amazing about the celebrities and Sotheby's, congrats Karen! ;0) Yay for EFA!!!!! Michele, mvegan5

mimilove forever said...

Shucks, thank you Kelly...much blushing in the UK! x:)

(Coo'ee mvegan!!)