Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Evening Shopping Spree--PandaCub

What fun stuff in this little shop called PandaCub! I think I came across this seller through a forum discussion (I need to take better notes…:-). My girls are becoming quite the little fashion divas, and I know they’d love these little ladybug hairbands. These are made by Stephanie, who makes all sorts of fun little accessories with fabric. Here’s a little about her: “I work full-time in a very corporate environment, so making these adorable accessories is a fun way to relax and be creative. I love discovering new fabrics that I can turn into cute buttons! Some of my favorite things in the world: my husband, coffee, chocolate, getting mail, reading books, cooking, shopping, sushi, London, vacation days, the internet, Lord of the Rings, vanilla, cats, useless trivia and music.” Visit Stephanie’s shop here for great little stocking stuffers. The holidays will soon be upon us! Also visit her blog and her MySpace page!

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