Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finding the Time for Balance

So I’ve been thinking more about this whole New Year’s Resolution thing, and I’ve come down to one thing: balance. That’s my word for the year. I must find balance. I must find a way to balance time with my family, with time to expand my creative endeavors, with time to work, with time to exercise, with time to eat right, with time to somewhere in there find and keep my sanity (and as DH just reminded me, time to finish repainting every room in the house). Though if we won the lottery, I could get rid of the “time to work” need and then have more time for the others! There’s a thought, however fleeting, since I rarely have time to even remember to buy a lottery ticket.

This picture truly nails my issue when it comes to the creative endeavors part of the challenge. My two favorite art magazines are Cloth Paper Scissors and Somerset Studio. When I first stumbled across Cloth Paper Scissors, I loved it so much I had to go online and order all the back issues. I’ve been methodically reading through them at night before I go to bed (unless I’m too absorbed in whatever book I happen to be reading…which is another thing I must squeeze in time for). See all those little sticky notes peeking out of all these Cloth Paper Scissors issues? Well those are all the projects I’d like to play around with. And this is just in CPS. I have a similar stack for Somerset Studio. I haven’t really shared much of my mixed-media playing around here on my blog, but I’ll start doing that more this year, too. Sharing. And while I’m at it, I’ll also be sharing more photographs as I already mentioned here. Karen commented that a great resolution would be to capture at least one beautiful photo a day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find time for that? And that involves remembering to find the time to always keep a camera with me, perhaps attached to my hip, with a hot pink cord for a dash of color.

So there you have it. In a recent comment on Cathy’s “Promises, Promises” post over on Creative Construction, Kathryn said she calls them “Dreams, Hopes, Wishes, and Aspirations”. I like that much better than resolutions, don’t you? So my official Dream, Hope, Wish and Aspiration for 2009 is to find balance (and find time to call my sister once a week). Care to join me?


Regina said...

Oh those darn periodicals! Some I subscribe to. Others I pick & choose. Last night I picked up 3 art magazines at Borders, held off on a 4th and was disappointed to not find a fifth one on the shelf! I also have plenty of post its flagging down inspirations. I find I have to limit because I just want to jump into the pool of EVERYTHING!
Last month my sweet hubby got me a new camera for my birthday. It's wonderfully compact, so the camera & it's case fit into my purse. Yeah!

Anonymous said... I am right there with you on the "balance" soon as the tattoo heals...its off to the gym for I am going to join you in the endeavor of balance this year...

Oh geeze...and I dont even have a hubby and kids... =-)


Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

That's the perfect dream, hope, wish, and aspiration. I hope you find that balance and if you do, please tell me how to find it too!!!!

Lucy said...

Balance is elusive to me as well. There is something always falling to the wayside here. I'm either totally immersed in one thing and everything else falls apart or I do a lot of things half a** I guess part of the secret is to say 'No' to the the things that are not essential and do what we can to fit in the things we want to find time to do.

I love the picture a day project. Just carry the camera wherever you go but don't feel obligated to upload the pics maybe once a week or once every few days. Maybe that would take the pressure off of you.

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

I'm with you on the balance my friend!

I love those magazines too! (mine are also filled with post its!!)