To Google and Beyond!?

I got a call about a week and a half ago from an internet marketing company. It was Friday afternoon, nearing dinner time so the girls were following me everywhere as I tried to take the call, but I held on and listened. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I’ve been contacted by internet marketing companies in the past telling me they came across my website and thought they’d be able to help me market the site better, and therefore hopefully, bring in more business. This has never interested me much because, between my arts festivals and my random website and Etsy store sales, I honestly have about as much business I can manage while also holding down a full-time career, raising twin five-year-olds and playing around with other art mediums. I think I’ve held off on any real marketing because I was afraid of what it might bring; sure, more steady sales would be a nice bonus, but more sales might also mean I might have a hard time keeping up! I suppose that is not a bad problem to have…to a point. But still, I listened.

This guy had done his research. He knew my website well and seemed genuinely impressed with my work, the layout, the photography and the navigation. Overall, he truly liked the site. He said he found me on the 24th page of a Google search for “artisan jewelry” while doing some research for another client. And yep, he was right; very few, if any, people are going to find me on the 24th page of a Google search. One of my goals for my jewelry business this year was to investigate more internet marketing opportunities, and maybe he just caught me at a good time. He offered me the search phrase “lampwork jewelry” at what I thought was a pretty reasonable rate. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, so he gave me some examples of other clients he represented and the search phrases for them, and I checked them out while I was on the phone with him (the benefit of having broadband internet service!). After talking to him for about 30 minutes and pulling up his business online while I was talking to him to make sure he was truly legit, I finally bit the hook. So, now what, you ask? Well, enter “lampwork jewelry” into your Google search bar and see what you get. It only works for Google, but Google is pretty darn popular, don’t you think? Only time will tell if it’s worth it or not, but it’s month to month and I can cancel at anytime so I figured I’d give it a few months and see what happens! Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are just around the corner. :-)


Anonymous said... when I first searched I didnt even pay attention to the yellow box at the top and thought to myself...geeze where is she?!? After making sure I had typed it in correctly and searched again I found you were listed at the very top in the yellow box! Way to go! I love it...Whitney

Greg & Maria Voss said...

Love it, Kelly! That is so awesome to appear at the top of the page!

We have a friend who does this for a living and he says if you don't appear in the first three pages, people won't search any further. And that it is key to really be on page 1. I hope this adds to your sales!!

OMB said...

I saw you too. Good luck. I hope it does bring you sales!!!!!