Sunday Evening Shopping Spree: J. AUSTIN Ryan

I want this! I’ve had it in my favorites for quite a while and eventually I’m convinced it just may live in my home one day (how come I’ve never had a rich uncle?). The artist is Marnie Vollenhal. She has a shop full of adorable paintings, illustrations and more. If you are decorating a child’s room or just like fun cute stuff like me, this is a must see.

Here’s a bit from Marnie’s profile: "I have been painting and illustrating my entire life. I grew up in California and loved it. During college I landed my first job as an art director for a high end children's furniture company. For nine years I trained artists, attended trade shows, and had many other duties. Three years ago my husband’s job relocated us to Texas and here I am. I started my own business and now my paintings are sold across the U.S. My husband David is very supportive along with my three boys Jacob, Ryan, and Austin...J. AUSTIN Ryan. My paintings and prints reflect the behavior of a little dog named Hawk. He is very smart and friendly with other creatures that cross his path.” I love little Hawk and all his artful adventures! Visit J. AUSTIN Ryan here, and be sure to visit Marnie’s blog here for the latest adventures of Hawk and friends!

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marnie vollenhals said...

Wow! Thanks Kelly...and what an honor! What a great way to end the weekend.