What Are You Hopeful For Today?

This lovely little inspiration arrived in my mailbox yesterday and it sums things up perfectly for me today! Hope! I’m traveling over to Tallahassee this afternoon for the Springtime Tallahassee Arts Jubilee, and the headlines on the Weather Channel this morning are “EPIC STORM”. Lovely. Looks like this epic storm is currently hammering Tallahassee right now, so I’m hopeful it will clear out by the time we have to set up at 6:30am tomorrow morning. Though that will mean that I’ll most likely be driving through it this afternoon, so keep me in your prayers.

This beautiful piece is by my friend Carmen Torbus. I was so thrilled to finally snag a little treasure of hers. This is a perfect addition to my wall of small art in my workshop. See more of Carmen’s work in her Etsy store here and visit her blog here. Go show her some love! What are you hopeful for today?


Karen Faulkner said...

It's beautiful! Heading over to check out her shop now.

cath c said...

this is great. kudos to carmen!

good luck steering around the storm. i was just checking weather here for 10 forecast. all i can say is ugh. it seems to have been raining for weeks already. it's a good thing, but still, a reprieve would be nice.

lori vliegen said...

hi kelly! congrats on your artwork from carmen! she does beautiful work, and such a sweet person!! have a great weekend in tallahassee! :)