Behind the Camera: Easter Goodness

So, anyone want some egg salad? I have more than I can possibly stomach at this point. I hope those of you who celebrate Easter had a wonderful holiday full of blessings. We had a great family gathering for Easter down at my DH’s family lake house in Keystone. DH’s family is huge and mostly local, so they all gather there at the lake several times a year. We had nearly 100 in attendance this year! We do a huge Easter egg hunt for the kids, with an easy-to-find-egg area roped off for the five-and-under kids; this was my girls last year in that bunch, pictured here before takeoff with Wells and little Jack.

DH's family also has an interesting Easter egg tradition. We collect money for the “prize egg” pot. The house sits on about 50 acres of land, and the “prize egg”, a raw egg, is hidden with the rest of the eggs in the big kids search area (the “big kids” can be up to 80 years old if they care to search). Whoever finds the prize egg gets all the money in the pot, more than $100 this year. However, there is a catch! Before the prize egg finder can have the money in the pot, he has to have to prize egg broken over his head.

My Sarah was oh-so-close to finding the prize egg (okay, so DH hid the eggs this year and we might have had a little gentle pushing in the right direction), but an older kid (not even a family member but a guest, at that!) beat her to it. Unfortunately, though, Sarah was standing just a little too close when the egg was broken over his head and ended up with more of the egg on her—all over her face to be exact—than he did. Given that, I told the boy he really should share the pot with Sarah, but he wouldn’t give it up. Oh well, Sarah kept her eyes closed and cried all the way back to house as I tried to lead her through the woods to clean her up, poor thing. She really was pitifull. I think she’ll steer clear of the prize egg next year. So tell me what you did for Easter!

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cath c said...

poor sarah! but the rest sounds fun!

can i come look for the prize egg next year? hee-hee

we went to the dc area to dh's aunt's house and ate way too much italian cream pies and the like for 2 days. thankfully his active cousin was in from colorado, so he got dh, all the kids ranging from 17 on down to 1 and me to pile into my van and head into dc for some hiking at teddy roosevelt island park. loads of fun. i even ran and climbed all over with and without the kids. i got the farthest out on the 'jetty' and i also climbed all over some big downed trees and was chastised by the kids for not following the buddy system. my old nature girl ways enjoyed a bit of airing. but mostly we ate. and ate. and ate again.