Sunday Evening Shopping Spree: The Ardent Sparrow

What a serendipitous find I stumbled across today! Don’t you just love the word serendipitous? It’s one of my all-time favorite words. We had our Greater Jacksonville Chi Omega Alumnae Spring Eleusinian luncheon today, so I spent the afternoon with some lovely ladies ranging from 24 to 80, and nearly half of us were Florida State Chi Omegas! Great hearing those old stories. Anywho, our Chi Omega mascot is an owl. I was looking through the Etsy treasuries this afternoon and found myself as an alternate in a FAM team treasury. FAM is Fabulous Artistic Moms, a team I joined recently. In this treasury, I also found these adorable little owl necklaces from Rebecca at TheArdentSparrow. She has lots of fun vintage-inspired pieces there, but it’s the owls that captured my heart. This one’s coming home to roost with me.

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Lisa Kaus said...

Beautiful shot! thanks for stopping by--