Behind the Camera: Roses for Mama

I hope all you Mom’s out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday. We went to the beach in the morning and then enjoyed a relaxing day around the house in the afternoon. My girls got me these roses (though Olivia really, really wanted to get me a toothbrush for some reason), and both made me many presents throughout the day. Sarah spent several hours making me a “picture book”, which was a collection of colorings she did and then pasted on cardstock and put the whole thing together as a book with tape. She really did a great job! Livvie brought me about eight different presents throughout the day, little things from around the house she knew I’d like…scissors, a paintbrush, a comb, some beads, flowers from the back yard, etc, each wrapped in a construction paper drawing. Sweet little angels for the day. And can’t forget DH. He surprised me with a pretty new watch (I LOVE watches…). How was your day?


Anonymous said...

Just as sweet and creative as their Mama. Glad you had a very nice Mother's Day.


cath c said...

lovely day, lovey girls! dh placed well, too!

my day started off bent, but eventually straightened out. my kids were fun in the end. and dh wasn't too shabby, either, if a bit late. he bought me chocolates and a new hibiscus to plant. (last year's died)