CC Weekly Creativity Challenge: May Flowers

Now that I've taken over the management of Creative Construction's Weekly Creativity Challenge, I've really had to be on my toes coming up with my own entry each week! Here's this week's installment.

These flowers grow in the marsh grasses by the water in our area. I took these just outside our neighborhood seafood dive, Chowder Ted’s (the Cheers of Heckscher Drive), but they also grow all along our back fence line by the river. We are only five miles from where the river meets the ocean, so our little stretch of paradise is pretty much salt water. The flowers are actually yellow (maybe a saltwater version of dandelions?), but I had fun playing around with them in Photoshop, turning them into an orange watercolor. Click here to see all of this week's entries.

1 comment:

lori vliegen said...

wow, kelly...this is fabulous!! it's very convincing as a watercolor (i didn't even know it was a photo!) and i just love these colors together! you live in a great area...when i lived up in fernandina, i drove many a mile down heckscher drive!! :)