Calling All Mullet Tossers

So, have you ever tossed a mullet? The second day of our vacation in St. George, we heard there was a mullet toss going on over at the Blue Parrot, the one big hangout on the island. The Blue Parrot is basically one little piece of Panama City Beach meets St. George Island. Well, since my girls had never seen a mullet toss (I must admit I have; I did go to college just an hour and a half from the Redneck Riviera, after all), we decided to wander on down there. They decided against actually participating—even though you got a really cool t-shirt for your $10 entry fee that went to charity—but they enjoyed watching, adding commentary like, "Mama! That guy just threw a REAL FISH!!!!" Maybe next time we’ll grab a mullet and take the prize. There’s quite an art to the toss, and we have a year to practice! (And if you must have this picture for the sheer fun of it, I'll be posting it in my photo Etsy shop!)

It’s been a very draining week, so I’m looking forward to heading down the lake for the day tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!


Unknown said...

So let me get this straight... you throw a dead fish around. And its fun. I need to add that to the list of Things Marisa Just Does Not Understand.

Ha, well, I'm glad you all had a good time and that the girls got to do something... unusual, to say the least!!

I have to admit, though... I'm a little disappointed that the event wasn't based around really bad 80's (and those stuck in the 80's - like everyone in the town I live in) hair.

Karen Faulkner said...

This St. George place sounds awesome.

ELLIE said...

mullet tossing - just watching it can be hilarious!!! sounds like a wonderful time~!~

Campbell Jane said...

Tooo Funny! After having computer problems, so glad I found your site again!