CC Weekly Creativity Challenge: Steamed

The prompt for this week’s Creative Construction weekly challenge was "steamed". Oysters, anyone?

On our recent St. George Island vacation, we found a little path that led to a secluded bayside beach right at the end of our cross street. When we first went out there, I noticed it was the ideal spot to catch a spectacular photo of the sun setting over the bridge from the mainland, so I planned to come back out there that evening to catch the sunset. First night…cloudy and hazy from the heat. Second night…hazy from the heat. Third night…hazy from the heat. But while I was waiting for a break in the haze, I looked down and saw how the setting sun was shining light on the gems of the area….the lowly oysters. Ninety percent of the oysters consumed in the state of Florida come from the bay I was facing. I’d say they deserve a photo op!


cath c said...

don't you love when beauty happens as you're looking for it elsewhere?

lori vliegen said...

great photo kelly! you captured the light (and the oyster!) beautifully!! :)