Follies and Other Photographing Adventures

I’m slowly but surely catching up on my website and Etsy listings. Just to give you a little inside scoop…for me the actual creation of a piece is the easy part! The tough part comes with photographing the piece, as jewelry is one of the most difficult art forms to photograph well. This latest batch I’ve photographed outside instead of in a light tent. Best time of day seems to be late afternoon with the afternoon sun coming in at an angle to my little shady spot under my side deck. Of course, the stars must be in perfect alignment since the weather Gods must present the perfect day on which I’m able to get home on time, the children must be otherwise entertained, and the dog must be occupied by a very large and tasty bone. Typically I’ll take 5-10 shots of each piece and whittle them down to 3-5 for each listing, cropping for the best shots. I normally post to my Etsy shop first because from there it’s very easy to cut and paste the copy into my website. Pretty involved process, huh!? This piece is now listed in my Etsy shop and will hopefully be up on my website in the next day or two. How do you like it?


MagicMarkingsArt said...

this is gorgeous. love the color combination and whimsical design. this should sell quickly!!!

cath c said...

that is a lovely, happy bracelet - reminds me of splashing in a pool in sunshine.

Gina Lee Kim said...

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for your kind comment on my studio pictures (via Lori). I have to say boy, you sure are talented! Your photography is stunning and you do jewelry too? Talk about eye-candy.

My fav are your vintage harvey junkyard car collection. I love the rich colors. I see how creatively your jewelry-making & photography compliment each other!

p.s. I own a Wyanne print!