The Purple Cottage

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we might oft win, by fearing to attempt.” William Shakespeare

That quote is included in a gift book sitting on my desk called “The Strangest Secret" by Earl Nightingale. Nightingale talks about the very same message shared in the book “The Secret”, but here’s the kicker: Nightingale wrote his message in 1956. I’ve had the book on my desk since my friend Ken Whitener gave it to me, but I must admit today was the first day I really took time to read it in full. Ken used the book as the background for a leadership program he’s presented for me several times. Nightingale’s basic premise and his “strangest secret”? We become what we think about.

I’ve kept the book on my desk not necessarily for the subject matter but more for a reminder of the person who gave it to me. Ken and I worked together on programs ever since I started with the college, and he became more than just a guest speaker for me; he became a dear friend, a dear friend who passed away suddenly of a heart attack just a few weeks after he gave me the book earlier this year. Ken did live his life becoming what he thought about. Whether he was presenting one of his leadership programs or his stock and trade comedy hypnotist shows, he exuded confidence and self-fulfillment and always had the same message: “YOU CAN DO IT!” I can still hear him say it.

I can’t say it all started 15 years ago, but maybe it was just further cemented 15 years ago. I started working in Student Life in January of 1994. That fall, my supervisor at the time facilitated a college-wide retreat of our area. B.J. is a creative type herself, so I knew we were off to a good start. As part of the retreat, she gave us all big sheets of paper and put a pile of markers and crayons in the center of the table. Our instructions: draw your dream. She gave no further instruction; it could be a personal dream, a work dream, whatever you wanted to share. It was really done more as a group get-to-know-you activity rather than a departmental goal activity. Took me no time at all to get started because I already knew exactly what I wanted. I drew a funky little purple cottage with the name “The Happy Shack” emblazoned across the front. I remember the exact set up of the room and exactly where I was at the table. I even remember what I was wearing and how I did my hair that day. Fifteen years ago. I was reminded of that through an email conversation I had with my Creative Construction friend Miranda this week about the stressful time I’ve been having at work the past two weeks (she’s darn good at making you focus on your dreams).

Though many people consider my house to be the proverbial “Happy Shack”, and I guess in some ways it is, it’s not the Happy Shack I envision in my dream. That Happy Shack is a funky little art gallery/studio, filled with my creations and the creations of other creative souls, like this lovely little piece I just received from the very talented Julie King. It’s a place where those creative souls come together and share their creativity, whether it’s teaching skills or swapping stories or just creating art together. Over the years it’s had a bed and breakfast attached to it at times, and my DH particularly likes that part of the dream. And it has lots of furry friends…dogs, cats, maybe even a chirpy little canary named Ladybird Lulu. But whatever manifestation it’s taken, it’s always been purple.

While the family and I were in St. George Island for our vacation, we visited the island art gallery, called the Sea Oats Gallery. Guess what was right next door to the Sea Oats gallery….a little cottage, once called the Book Nook, but now out of business. The sign on the door said, “Out of Business. Retired!” Guess what color that little cottage was. Yep, purple. It was surrounded by a bunch of stray cats, including a black and white one which was particularly friendly. Serendipity? A little reminder of a dream? The little yellow and orange flowers peeking up around the front porch certainly seemed to be saying so.

So what am I to learn from this? It has been a stressful time at work lately, and I’ve been looking at different options here and there for quite some time now. Is it time to make a change? Yep, I do agree that it’s definitely time to make a change, yet in the short run I'm hopeful that change may involve just a change in position, my first preference being a new position soon to be advertised at the college, still in Student Affairs but a little broader reaching than just Student Life. I’d love the opportunity to give it a shot because I think I’d enjoy the challenge that comes with a newly created position. Keep your fingers crossed for me. But in the long run...I keep going back to that little purple cottage, maybe with a bed and breakfast attached, and a chirpy canary named Ladybird Lulu…being circled by a friendly little black and white cat…who is great pals with a big goofy brown dog. It’s in a quaint little town that people like to visit for the sheer charm of it. It’s near the water, since along with art, water is what feeds my soul. And it’s a happy place, a happy little shack. It’ll happen. Maybe five or ten years down the road, but it’ll happen. Thanks, Ken. I CAN do it. I will become what I think about.

“Live this new way and the floodgates of abundance will open and pour over you more riches than you may have dreamed existed. Money? Yes, lots of it. But what’s more important, you’ll have peace…you’ll be in that wonderful minority who lead calm, cheerful successful lives…you have nothing to lose—but you have a whole life to win.” Earl Nightingale


julie king said...

this is a wonderful story, kelly. it is full of inspiration and thought-provoking as well. good for you that you have hung on to that dream and that it still lives and breathes in all that you do. your attitude will certainly get you to that happy shack by the sea.

thanks for the link to my shop and your kind words. it means a lot to me especially now that i've read of the connection to your story. take care and have a great weekend!

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Great post! Hang in there and don't forget to listen to your heart.

I enjoy Julie's work as well.

ELLIE said...

I will so keep my fingers crossed for you that you find greater happiness in a new position - in the meantime - keep following that dream - sounds perfect for you~!~
take care

Karen Faulkner said...

What a wonderful post, Kelly. I do believe this in my heart to be true, that we become what we think about. Thanks for the words of inspiration.

Unknown said...

Ah, I missed this post when you posted it... maybe during my broken computer time?

But YOU GO GIRL! We firmly believe in the power of positive thinking in our household. Even before The Secret and all the positive thinking beliefs became trendy, we lived by thinking positively. My favorite quote has always been 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams' - by Eleanore Roosevelt. And I truly believe it!

Good luck to you and your future Happy Shack! It sounds amazing!

Fannie said...

Inspiring post, Kelly. Thanks for the link on your current post. The Purple cottage sounds wonderful! If I were to ever write a novel, your cottage and its landscape, including pets, sounds like a place I would need to include.

we are what we eat; we are what we think--we become what we do. ~Fannie
Thanks for sharing.