A Sparkler for Rose Marie

I created this little custom piece for my friend Rose Marie recently (in between more journal pages!). Rose Marie is one of my best jewelry customers. She loves to come over and just pick through my beads, and then I put something together from what she’s picked out. This one is rose quartz and crystal. Subtle with a little sparkle!


Unknown said...

Oooh, wow, so beautiful, Kelly!

And unrelated to jewelry, but kinda interesting (well, to me at least) we nearly named Annelie 'Rose Marie.' It was the only name my hubs and I agreed on, and we planned on calling her Rosie. But then we were in Sweden while I was pregant and heard the name Annelie and chose that... but if we ever have another girl, she'll probably be Rose Marie. :)

Haha, so memorize that random bit of Marisa trivia... there might be a quiz! :)

Regina said...

I love rose quartz. This is a fantastic bracelet. You do a great job with this style. xo

cath c said...

you, kel. are well aware of my pink aversion, but i do love rose quarts, too. this is very pretty.