Thursday, October 15, 2009

Behind the Camera: Feeding Lorikeets

Since we live relatively near the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens (‘relatively’ is, of course, a relative term in the largest geographical city in the country), we decided becoming Zoo members would probably be a good investment. And it most definitely has turned out to be! The cost of our annual family pass equals a little less than four trips to the zoo. And since we do live so close, we go at least once a month. Heck, outside of football season and the heat of the summer, we probably go two to three times a month. The Jacksonville Zoo has grown and expanded dramatically since I was a kid and is truly now one of the nicest zoos in the Southeast. From the very beginning the girls have loved the lorikeet enclosure, but it’s only been fairly recently that they’ve become comfortable enough to feed them. I recall a lorikeet landing on Sarah’s head during one visit, leading her to run frantically around in a circle screaming until it flew off. It was one of those moments that Mom and Dad find hysterically entertaining while the child is certain she’ll be scarred for life. :-) Olivia still doesn’t like to let them land on her—she’d prefer they sit on my hand while she feeds them—but look at Sarah now. The credit for this picture goes to Melanie Speaks, who just happened to be visiting the lorikeets at the same time and caught this shot.


Brittany said...

The Jacksonville Zoo is my all time favorite. And what a great picture!

Gina Lee Kim said...

You're such a great mom Kelly, you know that!?

Kelly said...

Thanks so much, Brittany and Gina Lee!