Behind the Camera: Are You Listening?

Happy Thursday! I have a dentist appointment this morning and have to take Molly in for a cast change this afternoon, so I figured it made more sense to just take the whole day off! I have so many things I’d like to catch up on. My little brain has been awhirl with things I want to do lately, so it’s just a matter of finding the time. I’m currently taking DJ Pettitt’s online Memories and Manipulations Photoshop class, and the amount of information she’s been presenting has been mindboggling! I haven’t delved into it too much yet, but I hope to hit it hard this weekend. DH is on a boys ski trip in Park City, Utah, so I’ll have my nights to myself once I get the girls to bed each night this weekend. I just played around a little with this guy this morning. I took this shot in Havana, Florida (just north of Tallahassee), last fall sometime. He just looked like he really had something to say!

Hoping to carve out some time between appointments today to get moving on my apron for our Artful Journey Apron Swap. Pictures to come!

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ELLIE said...

how fun to have the weekend nights to yourself - my hunnie also went away for the weekend - so it has been nice to do whatever---love the pic - he looks like he wants to come out and join you - too cute - hope your weekend is fun - enjoy it all~