Monday, January 25, 2010

Tiles All Around

Worked on some glass tiles in between mountains of laundry this weekend. Where the heck does all the laundry come from? I’m convinced my girls just take things out of their closet and drop them in their laundry basket just for fun. Seriously! Haven’t had time to photograph some of these newer ones individually yet, so I figured I’d just capture a shot of them as group. Gradually working up the different pendants I have available from my photography. Several shown here are new to that group. Others are from vintages ads and such. So far I’ve made $360 in Haiti fundraising sales between my shops and my four donations to the Hearts for Haiti shop (all four already sold!). Lots of new things being added daily to the Hearts for Haiti shop so go back and take another look. Take a peek at my jewelry and photo shops too while you are at it! Fundraising drive goes through the end of the month.

1 comment:

cath c said...

i love them, and that you sent me to go see what else is offered at the etsy hearts for haiti shop.