Saturday, April 17, 2010

The House That Built Me

I’ve been slowly working through my Picture Spring assignments. This has been an interesting process. Essentially we are given a prompt every day. Something specific to capture. I was hoping to learn a few more new technical tricks, but at the minimum, it’s at least forcing me to look at things differently. One recent assignment included finding love in our world, literally! I’ve looked for heart shapes in nature and on the streets for years, so this was an easy share for me. But even as long as I’ve been looking, I only recently discovered this heart on my front porch, right at the top of my front porch steps. And to think we’ve been here for 10 years!

It reminded me of the new Miranda Lambert song “The House That Built Me.” Have you heard that song? Here’s a YouTube link to the video. The first time I heard it, I loved it. It was one of those songs that immediately brought on the tears. I didn’t really have a house that built me, growing up. We moved around a lot so we really weren’t in any one house for too long. I think the longest was four years. But then I thought about my house now. This house…in all its Papa Smurf blue exterior, pink porch ceilings and green doors glory…this is really the house that built me. It’s the house that brought me to who I am today: a wife, a mom, and yep, even though I hesitate to say it out loud some times, an artist. In this house, I’ve come into my own. And I hope, looking back, my girls will feel the same. Go listen to the song and then tell me about the house that built you. I'd love to hear your story.


ELLIE said...

wow - loved the song - so pretty - during the song I could imagine me walking up to the house that built me in westchester ny - wonderful memories and a house that made me the person I am today - full of love and memories and surprises and good food and fun and felt warm and hugged you---thanks for sharing the song and story - I loved it all!!

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks for sharing, Ellie! I love what you said about your house hugging you. :-)

AnnieJackDesigns said...

That song went to my all time fave the list first time I heard it. I immediatly thought of the house I lived in from 5 - leaving for college and where I came home to until I was 26. It is where my foundation was built... and where I always think of first when I think of home.

Kelly Warren said...

Allison, that sounds wonderful. I hope my girls will have a memory like that of our house.

cath c said...

i love you're posts about loving your house and redecorating, etc that you've shared here and at studiomothers.

i'm happy that the house you live in now is the one that made you, rather than being nostalgic for something that once was or never was...

if i post a similar theme later this week, i will definitely keep you and brittany in mind.

i've lived in so many places that i loved aspects of, or didn't appreciate so much when i did live there.

lori vliegen said...

i love it that you discovered something new after being in your house for so long......what a neat surprise to find a heart on your front porch! the house that built you is built with lots of love, lots of heart......xox, :))))

chrissy said...

loooooooove the heart surprise miss kelly!
it is so wonderful when that happens.
i found one in the textured wall in my bathroom one day....
funny how that happens.
i am going to go listen to this song and get back to you on the question of the house that built me.
it.s a goodie....thanks so much for getting my mind going this morning.
you are a doll.


Kelly Warren said...

oh chrissy! you are speaking my language with the rusty old truck!

Leah Virsik said...

Kelly, thanks so much for sharing that song! It so brought me to tears. I hadn't heard it before.

Great heart photo! So nice to see it with new eyes.