Monday, May 24, 2010

Art Saves....

I'll have a Mermaids and Mamas report for you later this week! For now, let me just say we had a fabulous time and I'm thoroughly a good way! Hop on over to CrescenDoh today, where I'm a guest curator for Art Saves!


aimee said...

your story was heartbreaking, beautiful, and so inspiring, kelly! thank you so much for including my cut and paste bookmarks - i'm honored and appreciate it so much!

Becky Shander said...

Thank you for sharing your very personal Art Saves story. You've overcome many struggles that I'm sure have made you stronger and wiser. And I think that it's wonderful that you've chosen to use your past experiences to try and help others.

chrissy said...

kelly my friend...
i LOVED reading your story.
i learned so much more about sweet you and it makes your sunny spirit and golden giving personality only that much sweeter!
you are soooo resilient.
thank you for putting yourself out there to help me and to help others as well.
congratulations on guest curator.
i can.t wait to hear all about mermaids and mamas!
huge hugs i am sending your way.