Mermaids and Mamas!

I’ve finally had a chance to go through all the Mermaids and Mamas pictures! We had such a fabulous time and have fabulous pictures to show for it! I’ve uploaded them all to a private Flickr group for now until I get the Mamas permission to share more. For now, here are a few to give you a little peek into our weekend: my Livvie enjoying a little hula hoop action, the perfectly wonderful mermaid wand Wyanne made, and part of our group...the last of the gang that stayed until the bitter end and helped me clean up!

I was so pleased with how everything came together! The girls were the perfect hostesses, showing everyone around as they checked in and helping them get settled in, and DH was the perfect helper, taking care of all the meals for us. We started out with our love letter envelopes (a project I brought from my big kid retreats) and then created our journals. From there it was on to some painting! We created painted initials, magic mermaid wands and painted rocks, all embellished with a variety of embellishments, everything from buttons to stickers to little wooden letters to paper and silk flowers. Lots of glue gun action! We also created pendants and bracelets, hair clips, a treasure box to keep them all in, and fairies to watch over all us. Mixed in between the projects we had hula hoop contests and bubble blowing parades, some parachute fun, and a dress up dance party Saturday night with a few challenging games of musical chairs. Some of those girls are fierce competitors!

All in all, it was simply wonderful. The Mamas gave me great feedback and the Mermaids (and the Mamas!) all had a ball. Girls enjoying being girls…both the big girls and the little girls. We played, we talked, we bonded, and we played some more (we didn’t sleep very much). It was magical. And it hope is was the first of many more to come!

p.s. Don't forget I'm up as a guest curator on CrescenDoh all this week! I share different links every day and tell my Art Saves story.

p.s.s. I currently have a very happy kitty sitting in my lap purring. I don't think I shared with you here that our sweet little Tink has been off on an adventure for the past two and a half weeks. I had almost given up hope. Then just as I was getting ready to come upstairs and write this post, something told me to peek out the front door and there she was! She's pretty skinny and very meowy, but otherwise appears to be in good health! I know the girls will be so excited when they wake up in the morning and she's here. Welcome home, Tinkster!


Becca said...

Looks like a good time! I'm so happy Tinkster found his way home!

cath c said...

yay for mermaids and for tink's return!

Anonymous said...

Your smiles give you away :) Anything with little girls and mermaids and art and cool moms is sure to be a success!

So happy to hear Tink came home!! One of my cats disappeared for a year. I was beside myself. And then she returned meowing and skinny like Tink. I'm sure your girls squealed with delight when they saw her home.

Have a fabulous Memorial Weekend, Kelly!!

Davielle (aka, Princess Magpie) said...

just getting caught up after a holiday, and was wondering how Mermaids & Mamas went. so glad you blogged about it, and it sure sounds like it was magical. Yay for you, Kelly !!! :-) xo - Davi

Gina Lee Kim said...

Hi Kelly! I tried to read your article at Creshendoh but the link made my go back to

Would love to read it. You are amazing!