Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saying Goodbye to 1st Grade with Art

Tomorrow is the girls’ last day of 1st grade. Last day of 1st grade! Where does the time go? Over the past couple of days, we made some keepsake postcards for their teacher as an end-of-the-year thank you. I finally got around to mine last night. I’m having fun with these little postcards. They’re a fun way to do something quick, but still play with a little art (see, I’m listening to your 15 minutes advice, Leah!). Of course, my studio is back in a shambles after making one because the girls and I have paper and glue sticks flying everywhere for these short little sessions. That’s mine up there. On the back, I glued a big green and white gingham heart and wrote, “Thank you for helping Sarah and Olivia blossom and grow this year.” The substrate is a cut up cereal box. I’m becoming the queen of the cut up cereal box. And yes, we like bright colors around here. Probably doesn’t help that I took these pictures in direct sunlight on the back deck before we lost the sun last night.

Here’s Sarah’s. She really fell in love with the paper flowers during Mermaids and Mamas and now glues paper flowers to everything she can. Anyone have a source for bulk wholesale paper or fabric flowers?

And here’s Olivia’s. I’ll tell you a secret about this one. This is actually not the one she gave Ms. Nolan this morning. She made that one over the weekend. This one she made while I was making mine last night, so you may see some similarities. She was so proud of it, she wanted to keep it for herself but she asked me to share this one with you instead of her other one. I love how she put her name in there.

I made a fun envelope to put them all in and included a $40 gift card to Outback as an extra special thank you from me and DH. Ms. Nolan really has been wonderful this year. Do all moms get as attached to great teachers as their kids do, or is that just me? ;-)


ElegantSnobbery said...

Awww... that is such a sweet and thoughtful gift!! What a lucky teacher those girls have had!!

Gina Lee Kim said...

officially graduating from first grade? What a milestone! And what a beautiful thankful gesture you ladies did.

lori vliegen said...

such sweet little first grade keepsakes created by two sweet little blooming heart-flowers (three, including their precious mama?!!)! i KNOW that their teacher is going to go crazy for these delightful little works of art....and your girls will have such fabulous memories of creating them with you at their side!! xox, :))

cath c said...

very sweet!

and yes, but only the good ones!

a few years back we visited my boys old preschool, and one of their teachers, hugged on captain comic and said she still thinks of him everyday! he was one of her special favorite students, even though you're not supposed to have those. ;) we still thinkof her everyday, too. she also had mr. cynic.

ana said...

what adorable works of art. i am sure the teachers will love them :D sigh, i miss first grade.

aimee said...

oh, yes, i was just as attached to nina's first grade teacher this year - she was a gift! i adore the pieces your girls made - the colors are perfect!

Jill Eudaly said...

My daughter finishes the second grade today! We also sent some of our art to teachers along with our thanks. In todays busy world taking time to make a thank you gift is rewarding to all.