Friday, December 3, 2010

Sketchbook Project Fun Journal: Day 2

Day 2

I'm learning things here.  First, the pages in a Moleskin are very thin.  Second, gesso dries pretty darn fast and doesn't seem to thicken up the pages any, but it does make the ink slide on a bit easier! Third, this is reminding me how much I hate my handwriting. Oh, to have pretty, swirly penmanship...  Fourth, I sure can't get much done in the morning before work.  For this one, I got the pages gessoed and inked in the morning and then finished the rest after DH and the girls went to bed last night. 

When I got home from work yesterday, the girls had made me two more birthday cards and wrapped up another present in wrapping paper they made.  It was a lovely rock they found in the back yard. :-)  They actually made me open my initial gift on Sunday, so I could use it Sunday night. It was a restock of my favorite bubble bath; they knew I was completely out and had been using theirs. :-)  DH helped them make brownies when they got home from school yesterday, which was the lovely smell I came home to, so after dinner at Ted's (best restaurant in the whole wide world in our opinion, partially 'cause we can walk there...), we had brownies topped with chocolate ice cream. Nice quiet birthday with family.


Emma said...

Happy birthday!

What a good idea re the sketchbook - it can only be an idea in the head for so long!I may be inspired by you, my DH & I are meant to be doing a collaborative!

Leah Virsik said...

Hey Kelly! I so hear about you about learning about yourself and your process. This project has been really good for me for learning and bringing up difficulties. It's definitely been hard but rewarding. I've learned I can't judge my work so harshly. It isn't helpful. Also, just the act of sharing my work is a gift.

I love your rock gift! You have have such precious girls and reading about your DH reminds me of my dad taking us kids out for gifts for my mom.

Really enjoy your fun, bright collage and your perspective on the world.

Jamie Lynn said...

Sounds like a beautiful perfect day.

I love taking moments and freezing them in my mind, a snap shots I replay often to keep them safe from fading.

everyone needs an extra hug