Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Artful Journal 2011: Little Treasures

Treasure Books, spines
So, on to more book forms I learned at An Artful Journey! These little gals were most definitely the most challenging thing I learned. Like the Noble stitch books, I made two to try to cement the process in my head, but I’m definitely going to need some reminding on the stitch. This is called a French Twist stitch, and it’s a variation on a long stitch.

Treasure Book 1, Front Cover

Treasure Book 1, Top
As for the process, we started by cutting our book boards to the size we wanted first. These work best as small little treasures; my books are about 3” x 4”, but Albie’s class sample was even smaller than that. It takes four pieces of book board cut to your desired size. Both covers are actually two pieces glued together with the ribbon sandwiched and glued in between.

Treasure Book 1
Treasure Book 2, Front Cover
The texture acheived on the covers was done using that magical thick gesso mentioned down here and stencils. Pretty cool, huh? I kept mine pretty simple and didn’t attempt to do quite as detailed of a painting technique as Albie did (I have no patience and no comfort with a tiny paint brush!).

Treasure Book 2, Back Cover
Once our covers were completed, we tore our paper to size. These particular books have nine signatures, but the number of signatures is up to you. Then it was all about the stitching, weaving the ribbon through the French Twist to anchor it. On the aqua book, I forgot to add in my closure ribbon before I glued the pieces together so I just tied it with an exterior ribbon. When I went on to the second book, I didn’t make that mistake!

Treasure Book 2, Interior
Treasure Book 2, Spine
These books truly are little treasures and were pretty time-consuming. I’m sure I will attempt a few more though; I do believe I’ll be addicted to that thick gesso and all the magic it can create. Cindy has been posting tons of pictures on her blog; go over and take a peek at the two posts linked below so you can get a feel for the whole retreat. In this post in the first couple of pictures under “Albie’s Class,” you can see me with my old lady glasses actually learning the stitch for this book. In this post, there I am in the third picture, looking all grungy with my paint-splattered apron, camera in hand (and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed doing absolutely nothing to my hair all weekend; going hair-dryer less is a wonderful thing!). I have one more book to share with you later this week!


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful, Kelly!

Marisa Hopkins said...

Oh gorgeous!! Even the spines are art - that amazes me! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the stitching! I was blown away when I first saw this at the retreat, and now to see your beautiful creations with that gorgeous stitching :) And yes, I'm having a love affair with gesso at the moment myself...

How was the concert?? Did the boots dance in all of their cuteness? I bet the girls had a ball!! And I love Jennifer Nettles new sassy do. And that voice!! So not fair :)


Anonymous said...

Holy smokes these are amazing! I would LOVE to be able to do this and them look that good!!