Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Artful Journey 2011: Noble Stitch Binding

Noble Stitch Book 1, Front
Ready for the next two books I created at An Artful Journey? These two are done with what Albie called a “Noble” stitch. I understand it also can be called a Japanese stab binding. I could not find any Noble stitch tutorials on You Tube, but I did find a few for the Japanese stab binding. While it’s very similar to what we did here, it’s not exactly the same. With Albie, we did this cool little triangular detail on the corners. She’ll be emailing us all the instructions soon, so I’m glad I’ll have those to fall back on!

Noble Stitch Book 1, Back

Noble Stitch Book 2, Front

Noble Stitch Book 2, Back

Noble Stitch Book 2, Stitch Detail (Click to enlarge on all)
These again started with our painted paste papers, and again I made two to try to cement the stitch in my head. These covers are cut to 6” x 9”, and then I tore Stonehenge paper just a tad smaller for the interior pages. The one difference about this one it is really doesn’t have a signature per se, if you consider signatures folded and nested pages. With this technique, each page is in and of itself, and then you just stack them all together, sandwich them in between your two covers and then punch your holes for stitching. The Japanese screw punch is a wonderful tool! It makes your holes so much cleaner and so much easier to punch than using an awl. I did not use the funky eyelash yarn actually in the stitch; I just added it after the stitch was complete for a little extra bling, or as Albie would say, “to tart it up a bit!” I really enjoyed making these as well and can see many more in my future, particularly with the types of covers I’ll share with you next. ;-)

Noble Stitch Book 2, Detail


Martha Lever said...

WOW, Kelly, these are fabulous!!

Gina Lee Kim said...

These are beautiful Kelly!

Becca said...

I love these Kelly, the colors are so happy! Have a lovely weekend! :-)

Kerri said...

that is beautiful and i love the binding, kelly!

Emma said...

Just caught up with all your gorgeous papers & book binding, lovely. I made some notebook covers for a w/s recently & I'm now trying to decide what kind of sketchbook to make for my 2011 collage samples - there's so much to choose from!