Friday, March 18, 2011

Hope for Japan...

As we all watch the devastation in Japan continue to unfold, I know the question many of us are asking is what can we do to help.  I believe what we can do to help is give.  To that effort, I've just listed three new photos in my Etsy shop.

100% of the proceeds for these prints will go to the American Red Cross fund designated for Japan.  You all helped me raise nearly $500 for Haiti.  Let's do it again!

Hope for Japan No. 1, Hope for Japan No. 2 and Hope for Japan No. 3 are all blooms because, to me, blooms represent hope and growth. That's what the people of Japan need now and for the future.  Tragedies like this remind us all how blessed we are at this very moment, and if you have the ability to read this, you are included in that "we."  Cherish every moment.


Becky Shander said...

Wonderful idea Kelly. Thanks for sharing your bright blooms with hope in the heart.

Kerri said...

that's a great idea! :) those photos are gorgeous!