Howdy Folks! Meet Mater!

Happy Mix It Up Monday evening to you!  Last weekend, we drove up to a conference in Atlanta for me to accept an award.  I received the National Programming Advisor of the Year award from the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities.  I was totally shocked and quite honored!  DH kept calling it my "major award" and wanted to know if I was going to get a leg lamp.  Some of you will get that.  The rest of you need to watch the movie The Christmas Story.  :-)  We love to take the back roads when we travel, much more interesting stuff to look at, and we found this guy in a junkyard in south Georgia.  Blog friends, meet Mater!  Mater, say hello to my blog friends!  "Howdy, folks!"   

For those of you who've seen the movie Cars, you know who Mater is.  We are big Cars fans around here, and Mater is by far my favorite character in the movie.  When I saw this guy, I was "happier than a tornado in a trailer park," as Mater would say, so we had to stop so I could photograph him.  The girls said, "Look, Mama!  Mater found his cover!"  You see, in the movie, Mater has lost his hood, but whoever painted this fella captured Mater's eyes perfectly.  The side of the truck reads "Tater's Towing," but I think it's been a while since this fella has towed anything. You can find him in my Etsy shop here.  Now, I'm off for my Monday night Antiques Roadshow date with DH! 


Georgi said...

Congratulations on the award!! Love the leg lamp idea ~ LOL :) And I can't believe you actually found that Mater truck! He's gorgeous.

julie king said...

i am green with envy!!!! for you to have stumbled on this old junker was just karma!! and, congrats on the award!!

Aspiring Images By Rachel said...

Congratulations on the award! Great find with this lovely guy - he's one of my fave characters as well :-) He looks well loved.

Emma said...

Congratulations, hard work pays off.

What a fabulous creation, not familiar with Mater (I obviously haven't lived! ;)but I can still appreciate the wonderful guy (gal!)

ana said...

congrats! :D
& i love mater.

Kelly Warren said...

thanks everyone! Emma, you'll have to find a way to rent Cars. It's really the cutest movie.

Ana, glad to hear you are a fellow Mater lover! I couldn't pass him up when I saw him!

Anonymous said...

Back road trips are always full of surprises! Love this surprise you stumbled upon.

Congrats again, dahling, for your award! Those awards people knew what they were doing giving it to you :)

And thank you for your sweet comment regarding my mother-in-law. Richie tried to call her again yesterday but caught himself this time and wasn't so sad. The person may be gone but your memories and experiences with them aren't.

Hope ya'll are having a groovy spring!!


Kerri said...

so cute!

when i was in hawaii doing the drive to hana there were lots of old, abandoned cars parked on the side of the road- flowers and plants had grown in them and they looked so cute. i think nice people along the way helped them get that way. i took lots of photos of those. my fav was a VW-