Celebrating 16 Years!


Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband. Today we celebrate 16 years of marriage. This picture was taken way back in 1992 about three months after we first met. It was our first trip down visiting my father together, so Benny’s first time meeting The Dad (I do believe as of today, I’m no longer going to refer to him as DH; he is officially revealed! Luckily they hit it off immediately, and here we are 19 years later with two beautiful daughters. He’s actually got it kinda rough at times, I admit, being the ONLY male in the house…two daughters, two female dogs, two female cats. Oh well! Thanks for putting up with all my craziness for all these years, my dear!


Gari Anne said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

cath c said...


Unknown said...

Aw, congrats to you!!! Happy Anniversary!

My hubs and I have been married for 6 years - and I'm SO looking forward to the next decade with him and for us to celebrate our 16th anniversary. What an accomplishment, Kelly!!

Sandi Smith said...

Happy Anniversary Kelly and Benny! Wow how time flies, seems like yesterday!!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful celebration!!!
Sandi and Charles

julie king said...

you two are sooo cute! happy belated anniversary!