Sketchbook Project Fun Journal: Day 12

Day 12

I hope those of you in the States had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  It was a four-day weekend for me since I have Fridays off during the summer and brought with it some much needed downtime. We were homebodies pretty much all weekend.  We went out to Ted's for dinner for our anniversary Friday night (in our usual Ted's flip flops, t-shirts and shorts attire), and then went to the beach for a bit Monday morning, but that was the extent of our excitement for the weekend.  Well, the girls did have a sleepover Saturday night, so there was the excitement that comes with keeping three seven-year-olds underfoot instead of the usual two, but between the alien pod pool, drawing in their art journals (VERY big into drawing fairy families right now) and watching a movie (I highly recommend Gnomeo and Juliet), we managed to keep them entertained.

As luck would have it, one of the things I got around to this weekend was cleaning up my studio, and I unearthed my Sketchbook Project Fun Journal! Nope, I never submitted the journal to the actual Sketchbook Project since it was a long way from finished by the time the deadline rolled around, but now that I have found it again, I'm determined to finish it!  I completed three more pages this past weekend, but in doing so and searching here on my blog, I realized I hadn't even shared the rest of the pages that I had finished already!  Yes, I am often this scatterbrained.
This is page 12.   I didn't real care for page 12, but here you have it.  I started with this scrapbook paper that I thought I really liked, but then once I got it in there, I didn't really like it any more. I tried to salvage it the best I could, adding some stamping and some doodling with paint pens, and this is what I ended up with.  I was still pretty close to my "page a day" mode when I created this one, so I'll chalk it up to lack of time and inspiration!  More catch up pages to come.  How would you have improved this page?


ana said...

i really like it. it would make a great fabric :) & yay for flip lop wearing.

Mail Art Dramas said...

add glue on sparkles or matalic paint. i do love when things glitter and shine!