Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sketchbook Project Fun Journal: Day 15

Day 15

I created page 15 in my fun journal back on May 27, my 16th wedding anniversary. It was actually a pretty quick page! I started it before we went out to dinner and then put the finishing touches on it after we got home.  The left side of the page started with a old book page on which I had played around with stencils and spray ink.  I added some extra paint with paint daubers and highlighted with a black Sharpie.  The right side was done with paint daubers, my fingers, and a Sharpie for the writing and scribbles. 

When I did the hearts on the right side of this spread, a memory flashed into my head. Before we were married, way back in 1992, Benny and I went up to visit his cousin in Fredricksburg, Virginia. While in the area, we also went up to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  You see, Benjamin is a Civil War buff, and that trip was my introduction to all the roadside and park monument plaques in my future. We visited every Civil War battlefield within driving distance on that trip, and near the site of Pickett's Charge, on the corner of a bench up at the top of a hillside forest, are two little hearts with the initials KN and BW carved into them. Spare me the defacing public property speech, and just enjoy the memory with me. :-)


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Soo sweet! And a lovely page!

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

I like the color combo on this! Very fun and light hearted.

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks Cori and Jennifer!

Apple said...

Great sketch! It looks so free!! :)