Weekend of Domestic Bliss

We had one of those everyday-life-can-be-blissful weekends. Our biggest plans for the weekend were the girls getting their ears pierced. Amazing what peer pressure can do! I’ve been asking them for a couple years now if they wanted to get their ears pierced, but they weren’t ready yet. All that changed when one of their best buddies got her ears pierced earlier this summer. Olivia started asking me if she could get hers pierced about two weeks ago, and then when we set the date to get them done this past Saturday, Sarah jumped on board. I got the usual, “Is it going to hurt?” questions, but they did amazingly well! “Just a pinch,” I kept telling them, and they were amazed that it barely hurt at all! Of course, now they are all about the earrings…hating the fact they have to wait six weeks before they can change out their starter pairs.


Sunday, we built a picnic table. Yep, built a picnic table, and an 8’ one at that! Benny, of course, did most of the building, while I just had to hold stuff. All we have left to do is sand and paint, and paint colors are currently under heated discussion. For once, I’m the one who’s wanting to be a little more reserved, happy to settle for one paint color (given that I know many art projects are going to take place on this table, why spend a lot of time painting it?!), while Benny and the girls want to go 60’s psychedelic. We’ll give it a couple weeks to rest before we tackle that part. For now, we just need to sand it to get it ready for the girls’ birthday party this weekend. I hope you had a blissful weekend, too!



Whitney said...

They are THE CUTEST. :-)

ana said...

aw, yay for ears pierced. i bet they are loving it.

& oh my! what a perfect picnic table. bravo! i kind of like the natural wood look, but psychedelic might be fun ;)