Mix It Up Monday: Graffiti Series

Graffiti 1

Happy Monday! Those of you that are hooked up with me on Facebook know that I have a knack for constantly being stopped by trains. On my morning and afternoon commute, I cross seven different working train tracks (each way!), so whenever I’m stopped once again, I’ll take a picture and post it on Facebook.

Now the benefit of these many stops is that, yes, there are a lot of trains around my side of town…since we are near the port…and what does lots of trains mean? Lots of graffiti! When I’m at a crossing, I try to capture a moving graffiti shot, but my best captures come from standing trains. And there happens to be an abundance of them on one particular section of North Main Street near the CSX yard. This summer, I’ve been stopping there on Friday mornings to catch whatever happens to be resting there, creating a series of graffiti shots. Now I’m finally getting around to editing them all and sharing them with you! Here’s the first in my graffiti series. The challenge for me is to figure out what they are saying. I’ve learned that graffiti artists have a language all their own. What do you think this one is saying?

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