Catching My Breath!

Chi Os

Happy Monday! I just wanted to share a little follow up picture to Thursday’s post. Here’s the gang that made it for the weekend, at the Ale House on Friday night. I’m peeking out from the middle of the back row. Great weekend shared with old friends. Some of us stayed out much later than others, but thankfully I was in bed each night by midnight! Between tailgating pre-game and going out to eat and hitting an old haunt after the game, Saturday was a very long day, followed up for me by a photo shoot Sunday morning, so I’m feeling the payback today. I’ll have some shots from Sunday morning’s shoot for you later this week!


Anonymous said...

Ya'll look like you had a great time, Kelly! It's always nice to hang with the tribe :)


p.s. the glitter flavor was silver and purple, just like my hair!

Lisa Graham said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Love getting together with old friends. It's so great to keep in touch!

And you are aging beautifully : )

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks Gwynnie and Lisa!