Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!  Here's my crew at work in all our zombie ghoul. I mentioned earlier that our Student Government Fall Festival was last Wednesday, and we went with a Halloween carnival theme. With the exception of Elise, in the blue shirt like me, these are all students involved in my office.

Wear Pink Day

And here we are looking a little more alive, all in our pink for a breast cancer awareness activity we did on campus a few weeks ago.  I hope you and yours have a Happy Halloween whether you're dressed in blood and gore or pink fairy wings and glitter! What are you and/or your little ones dressing up as?


cath c said...

so fun!

toots is a fairy this year. will blog the pics, after i do some repair work to the costume.

Lisa Graham said...

Hi Kelly!

You all look like a fun group both as zombies and in pink!

Thanks for your sweet comment today! It really lifts me up : )