Making Books with the Girlies: Olivia

Olivia's Book-Girls Play Day 4
Olivia's Front Cover
I mentioned in Sarah’s book post below that Livvie definitely likes to blaze her own trails when we’re making art. She’s always liked to do her own thing, but I wonder if in regards to art, this trait might be related to an art project that she was working on a couple of years ago. She questioned herself so much before she realized she really could do her own thing. I wrote about it here.

Olivia's Book-Girls Play Day 2
Olivia's Inside Front cover
Her book is an expression of our family. On the cover, she’s painted herself and her sister; I particularly love the curly hair she’s given Sarah. Inside the front cover are Molly and Isabelle, our dogs; inside the back cover are Tink and Savannah, our cats; and on the back cover are Benny and me. We are all in our own castles.

Olivia's Book-Girls Play Day 1
Olivia's Inside Back Cover
Raising twins is a very fascinating experience. My girls’ personalities and approaches to the world are so very different, yet they’ve been raised with the exact same experiences: same house, same parents, same teachers from day one. As I’ve shared with you here, Sarah’s becoming quite the fashion diva and loves to really stretch her fashion boundaries, yet when she’s making art, she follows very closely the steps that I’m taking. Olivia, on the other hand, is not as adventurous when it comes to getting dressed every morning, yet chooses to go in a completely different direction making art. I love their contradictions!

Olivia's Book-Girls Play Day 3
Olivia's Back Cover


cath c said...

they seem a really good whole balance between the two of them. :)

Becky Shander said...

Such charming artwork. And it's so interesting that your twin girls each have their own unique way of doing things. It's wonderful that they feel free to be themselves.

Anonymous said...

Your book is stunning, Olivia! I've always wanted to live in a castle and I love how your family (doggies and kitties included!) get to =-)


lori vliegen said...

the books that your sweet girls have made are absolutely precious!! i think it's wonderful that they're so close, but yet they're willing to be so expressive with their own opinions and personalities! i know you all have such a great time creating art together! xoxo