Wishes for the Future

Dandelions Wishes

Remember the dandelion picture below? Well, this is what happened two minutes later. :-) Olivia and I had such a lovely walk through my sister’s neighborhood that day. Sarah had decided to stay back at Kim’s house and play with the baby. As much as I love my girls together, I also love to find time to spend with them alone. We’ve started splitting up reading time in the evenings now. One night Sarah will read with me and Livvie with Benny, and then the next night we’ll switch. Only hard part is I’m missing bits and pieces of both The Fantastic Mr. Fox and James and the Giant Peach now! I want to hear all of both stories!

I came across a film trailer earlier this week that addressed how girls and women are often portrayed in today’s media. Wow. I knew that it was happening, but I just never saw it all put together quite like that. Very moving. I posted it on my sorority alumnae page and commented that we are all so much more than what our outward appearance shows to the world, and we need to teach that daily. I know I try to teach my girls that by encouraging their individuality, the special things each brings to this world, and their own individual awesomeness. Take a look at this video and let me know what you think. There are some troubling images in it, but unfortunately, it paints a very true picture of how the media often portray girls and women today.  The film is called Miss Representation.  It was a reminder for me that my wishes for my girls' future must start in how they view the world today...and how it views them.


Lisa Graham said...

What a sweet little girl.

Yes, it is so scary how media shapes our views and thoughts of ourselves and one another, but our younger ones are especially vulnerable. The schools should take advantage of the time they have with children to teach them more about their individuality and self worth...parents too of course...but it's the schools who have the larger chunk of time with them. Maybe they are trying to combat the negatives of today already, I don't know, but they were not when my children were in school.

Kerri said...

very powerful, disturbing, and a topic that always interests me. it's been a while since i've tuned into OWN, but i'm going to look for this show!