Joyfulness, Hope and Excitement

Project 365-Jan 5

This shot just screams pure joy to me! This is my sister Kim and my nine-month-old niece Maxine during Maxine's first trip to the beach while they were visiting here over the holidays. It speaks of the joyfulness that can be felt during the holiday season as well as the hope and excitement of starting a new year. My sister hasn't seen this shot yet, and if she manages to not see this blog before her birthday, I plan to send her this for her birthday. (So Kim, if you are reading this, act surprised!)

As I've worked through this first week of Project 365 postings for 2012, I think I've figured out a good plan that will work for me and allow me to still post other things on my blog! I think my plan will be to do a Project 365 post every Wednesday, including pictures from the previous Wednesday-Tuesday in one post...kind of a weekly thing instead of posting daily. Notice I keep saying "I think." :-) Gives me a little wiggle room, right!? We'll give that a shot! I hope you stick with me!  Click here for Project 365 photos.


cath c said...

love it!

Lisa Graham said...

That is the sweetest picture of your sis with her baby. What a special photo to have through the years to come!

Kristin Dudish said...

Pure joy, indeed! I'm sure your sister will looove this photo (whether it turns out to be a surprise or not)!


p.s. Your "sprinklers" in the photo below are adorable... So fun!

chrissy said...

great photo kelly....i love your idea of weekly posting. I can't wait to see what you capture!!!