Mix It Up Monday: New Pendants

Tulip Love Pendant

Happy Monday! I have my first big two-day arts festival of the year coming up this weekend--the New Symrna Beach 50th Annual Arts Fiesta--so I've been working on a few last minute things to add to my inventory. Since my last show of the Fall was a near wash out due to wind and weather, I haven't had to cram too much this time around, but I've been working on getting more photo pendants done. They make great, simple gifts. This is my Tulip Love photo as a pendant. I discovered these pendant bezels from anniehowes and really like them.

I must admit, I haven't been very motivated lately. I think I'm in a bit of an art quandary. Perhaps I'm getting a bit too mixed-media mixed up,  meaning I'm trying to juggle too many different media at once. My jewelry and my photography are still my bread and butter when it comes to my business as they are what works for juried arts festivals, but I'm finding that I really, really love making books. In one sense, they appeal to my practical side in that they have a purpose. I love the mix of painting the covers and then turning them into something useful, like a book. In another sense, they aren't very practical because I hard a very hard time letting them go when I make them! I suppose I'll find the right balance in there soon. How do you find your art balance? Are you a media juggler, or do you have the ability to remain more focused?


cath c said...

This is why I just keep doing whatever comes as a hobby and keep the writing going as best as I can in my mayhem. Otherwise, I'd definitely spread myself way too thin between my chorus signing, belly dancing class I want to restart, quilting, photography, my desire to get back to pottery, etc...also why I bake a lot when i can.

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