Project 365: February 22-28

It's been a difficult week around here between being crazy busy at work and having lots of rain, so I'm going with a rain and water theme for the week. I actually took all these photos on my last trip to California for Artful Journey.

February 22: You can almost see my reflection in this water droplet.


February 23: Water dripping from white daffodils...


February 24: ...and water dripping from the little red buds...


February 25: ...of the tree that produced these beautiful blooms. See that one water droplet in the middle?


February 26: There was a whole grouping of these trees just outside our studio.


February 27: Beautiful moist ferns growing in the redwood forest near our cabins...


February 28: And a heart leaf found on the trail.

Thanks for stopping in!  I'm hoping to make a visit to P.S. 4 tomorrow so we'll see if that works out!  Click here for all my Project 365 posts.


myob training said...

I like this beautiful project.Pink color blooms look so beautiful in the images.Water dripping from the little buds.

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet kelly, i love this theme so much! The photos are just gorgeous! It's been so warm here and i just wish you could share some rain with us. :) Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!