Project 365: March 28-April3

I cannot tell a lie.  I confess I simply do not have the fortitude to take a photo a day every single day.  Just ain't happenin'.  Oh well, I shall trudge along at least sharing seven photos a week on Wednesdays. This week I shall inundate you with photos of my redheads, some of which actually were taken this week! Now, if I could inundate you with photos of my redheads EVERY week, then that I could accomplish, but you'd probably run screaming into the woods.  :-)

3-28-12 through 4-3-12 #1
Liv back at Dudley Farms...

3-28-12 through 4-3-12 #2
A daily dose of awesomeness... (I could share these with you EVERY day if you wanted me too...)

3-28-12 through 4-3-12 #3
Sarah looking so much like a cross between me and my Mama here...

3-28-12 through 4-3-12 #4
And another daily dose of awesomeness...

3-28-12 through 4-3-12 #5
Olivia rockin' out on my guitar teacher's drum set. Love that 70's decor, don't you?

3-28-12 through 4-3-12 #6
And Sarah SERIOUSLY rockin' out on Gary's drum set.

3-28-12 through 4-3-12 #7
And one more daily dose of awesomeness. Yes, they dress themselves, and yes, I wish those boots came in big girl sizes.

I really am doing other things around here, just haven't had time to share them! The Springtime Tallahassee Arts Jubilee this past Saturday was awesome, great sales, fine weather with just a few passing sprinkles to keep us cool, old friends and all my favorite college food fixes! Thanks for stopping in! Click here for all my Project 365 posts.


sonyamacdesigns said...

your red heads are beautiful!

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks so much, Sonya!

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet kelly, i totally understand how it's not possible to take a photo a day. :) I am so loving your girls! They are so beautiful and i love their photos so much! They make me smile. :) Happy good friday and wishing you a lovely merry happy easter weekend! Love to you!

Rebeca Trevino said...

the redheads ARE total "awesome-ness" !! what is wrong with 'a photo a day' of each one? that would be 730 photos!

- i always love seeing the girls in your posts, and reading about their dual shenanigans. and i love knowing that they pick out their own outfits, so much of their personality coming through! (and yes the boots in a size 7M would be great!)